Patients Feedback:

  • “I myself and all my family members are very very grateful to Dr J Goswami. He gave me 5 years extension ie added 5 years more to my life already. He is very careful and 100% competent. Thanks Dr J Goswami.” CB, Bandel.

  • “Dr Jyotirup Goswami is God. He is a very good doctor.” JDG, Odisha.

  • “Dr Jyotirup Goswami is a great doctor. I am very much pleased with his sympathetic behaviour. This only for God’s grace that I have come here and met him.” AKD, Kolkata.

  • “I find Dr Jyotirup Goswami an excellent doctor.” SR, Tribeni.

  • “I am fully satisfied with his treatment and continuous checking. He is one of the best doctors in the Cancer Institute.” MH, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • “I am very happy to visit the doctor for his healing touch.” SD, Kolkata.

  • “Very capable and all the best to my Doctor.” MRC, Kolkata.

  • “I am profoundly impressed by my doctor here. He is very focused in every appointment. I had many questions about my problems and I felt very comfortable and enlightened about my illness by his clarity of expression and his empathy.” TD, Kolkata.

  • “Dear Dr Goswami & team, my heartfelt thanks for the kindness, understanding and compassion shown to me. I understand so much better what is being done for my wife. You work in difficult times. I respect and admire you all. Thank you very much.” BF, Worcester, UK

  • “Dear Dr Goswami & team, thank you for all your care and kindness over the past few months and at a time of great difficulty for our health service, for seeing me and helping me. It was much appreciated.” GW, Worcester, UK

  • “It was very reassuring to be examined and to be able to ask questions after my radiotherapy treatment. Very considerate and professional service. Thank you and the team for all your care.” PH, Worcester, UK

Colleague Feedback:

  • “Communication skills and integrity stand out.”

  • “A wonderful person in person and in professional life.”